boulder roubaix

2024 Boulder Roubaix Race Recap

Saturday April 6, 2024

The Boulder Roubaix Road Race powered by Wholesome was held on the mixed surfaces of north Boulder County. This event, the original Paris – Roubaix-tribute race in the US, happens every other year and brings in riders from around the United States. However this year the always tricky Rocky Mountain’s weather played a sizable role in the outcome. Shortly after the Men’s Pro and Women’s Pro categories started their 11:00 am race the weather took a turn for the worse. Early morning the winds that had been 10-20 mph increased to 25-35 mph with frequent gusts being much higher. High Wind Advisories were issued along the Colorado Front Range.

Once both the Pro Men and Women racers were on their second of the planned five laps, officials and race organizers decided that the rest of the race should be shortened due to the safety issues from high winds. For the men that meant a move from 93 miles to 36 miles in length. The women would cover the same 36 miles of a planned 56 mile race.

Finn Gullickson won the shortened Pro Men’s category. The emerging gravel racer was racing his first Boulder Roubaix and he said he had a great time despite the hazards and the shortened race. “You had to get on the front from the start,” Gullickson said. This was made clear when within the first lap on 18-mile course there were three distinctive groups on the course.

In the women’s pro race there was a crash on the first lap when someone hit a loose patch of gravel splitting up the women’s field so each racer in contention for a podium place was solo. The wind made it extremely difficult to bridge to any rider ahead on the road.

Anna Dorovskikh won the shortened Pro Women’s category. Only 4 finishers emerged from the field of 20 starters. Quoted on the podium after racing in the high winds, Dorovskikh said only “I have gravel in my lungs”.

Women Pro 1-2 (36 miles shorted from 56 miles)
1. Anna Dorovskikh 1:56:59
2. Kaia Schmid 2:01:22
3. Arielle Coy 2:01:22
4. Hannah Shell 2:15:02

Men Pro 1-2 (36 miles shorted from 93 miles)
1. Finn Gullickson 1:37:02
2. Lance Abshire 1:37:02
3. Troy Fields 1:37:03
4. Thomas Gibbons 1:37:03
5. Cole Tamburri 1:37:04
6. Tyler Butterfield 1:38:13
7. Matthew Doyle 1:38:14
8. Joshua Anderson 1:39:09
9. Scott Funston 1:39:25
10.James Hilyer 1:39:26

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